Tuesday, 18 April 2017

We put sparkle in your flooring – Epoxy Plus

Epoxy plus is a liquid polymer manufacturing company based in New Jersey. Being leaders in developing new products with the on-site experience we found expert solutions for your flooring necessities. Find our metallic epoxy floor kits like a metallic primer, floor concrete, gloss finish urethane and metallic pigments under one roof to cater to your decorative flooring needs.

Impeccable services

Be ready to be spellbound by our designer epoxy flooring. If you are looking to recreate the rock and stone formation effects, make use of our metallic color pigments which gives you with the glistening effects and sparkling looks. We prepare the pigment with special mica nano-particles which blend perfectly with the solid clear binder. Your floor gets that glossy look with polyaspartic garage floor coatings which reflect light to give dynamic effects. Color packs and concrete dye are some other materials we offer to satisfy your flooring needs. Use it for commercial buildings, residential flooring, computer labs, and cafeterias and everywhere you please.

We offer ready to use cabinet set for garages and workshops. Usually, the set comes in 10 pieces, 8 pieces, and 7 piece series. Our set features steel worktops, tool cabinets, wall cabinets, base cabinets and multi-use lockers.  The great feature lies in its flexibility to adjust the dimensions. They come with easy to use handles and durable finish. Choose the classic grey or bright red sets as per your appeal. Cable solution point and leveling legs is a great additional feature.


•Long lasting
•Resistant to chemicals and abrasives
•Smooth glossy finish
•Effective in functionality
•Good binding characteristics

Order our moisture detection systems which are used in certified calcium chloride test to detect moisture emissions. Once your surface preparation is done you may find cracks, tiny holes, and some spalled areas. Our quick patch grey is the ideal choice to patch and seal them.

•Primer should be mixed with a drill to ensure best results.
•Keep the primers, pigments away from dust and reseal properly after use to avoid drying of the ingredients.
•Apply floor wax to get the durable finish and it acts as a shield from wear and scratch.
•Clean the floor with a microfiber mop and denatured alcohol after grinding.
•Give sufficient time for the concrete to dry before cleaning. 
•Always use primer for better adhesion.

Surface preparation and applications tools are also available with us like roller cover, roller frame, spiked shoes, grinding tools and flat blades. We are available during standard office hours from 9.00 Am to 5.00 Pm and we remain closed for weekends and holidays. We offer fee shipping facility within the states of the USA. We also provide estimation for free if we are provided with required details. General instructions along with mixing ratios and surface preparation will be provided in detail on request.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Why you should choose epoxy for garage floor coating

Epoxy floor coating is definitely one of the most durable flooring options for garages out there. It makes for a good protector on a garage floor and also gives the floor a good attractive look. 

Metallic epoxy floor coating can be applied on any residential and commercial application. It provides the opportunity to customize your garage epoxy floor coating because it comes with a wide range of colors, hues and blends of color flakes you can use to match your style. 

In selecting an epoxy floor coatings for concrete, it is important to differentiate between metallic epoxy pigments added on paints: while such addition makes the paint long lasting, the overall product is still paint and different from the actual thermosetting resin that is applied as a coating. 
Garage Epoxy Floor Coating

Benefits of metallic epoxy floor coatings
Many people definitely consider applying epoxy floor coatings for concrete because of appearance benefits and beauty. It is one of the best ways of refurbishing your garage floor to have a new look after years of use. You can consider changing the floor color to style up the garage and match other parts of the garage.

If your floor is also a little bit old and some imperfections such as small spider cracks and flaws in the concrete are showing up, it is time to consider coating with metallic epoxy pigments. The thick coating will hide the small imperfections and revamp your floor. This can help avert doing repairs and the small imperfections will not become worse. 

Your garage is definitely exposed to impacts, chipping, chemicals, stains, and surface abrasion. A garage can turn out to be busy and you will most certainly be dropping things like wrenches as you repair the car and equipment. These obviously increases wear and tear and will most likely increase floor maintenance and repair costs. Metallic epoxy pigments give the floor a high durability. 

For those who have discovered that a garage can really become dusty, it is time to consider an epoxy floor covering. Cement floors usually shed powder that make the room dusty. This dust is picked by shoes and can accumulate on cars, tool benches, and storage items. It can block some parts of the car or other equipment. Epoxy is a topical sealer, and thus, anti-dusting. 

The coating is also moisture resistant, a property that is most helpful to those living in snowy climates. Icy brines and road salts that collect on floors during winter can be collected and cleaned easily if there is an epoxy floor coating. They can be swept easily using a dust mop of dry broom when the floor is dry or simply cleaned with a little mild soap and water. 

It is also possible to add extra features to the floor before coating. For instance, if you live in wet climates, adding slip resistant aggregate may become necessary to avoid slippage on floors, which may result if use some types of topcoat and colored acrylic flakes.